A band that was more of an art project than anything, The Sads were a musical group founded by Aska Matsumiya, Aaron Rose, David Scott Stone, and Dan Monick in 2007. Though they were only active for two years, The Sads left their mark on the art community not only in Los Angeles, but worldwide.

They pushed the boundaries of what a “live show” meant, staging silent shows in which the band played all electronic instruments while the audience listened only through headphones. A truly unique experience, the silent shows were often made more layered and experiential with the addition of compelling visual components: a Los Angeles show at the Westwood Art Forum was accompanied by a six-channel video installation by designer/filmmaker Mike Mills.

The Sads also performed in Milan, New York, Rome, and Berlin, as well as staging sold out shows at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London and the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, before disbanding in 2010.